Some home remodeling projects can be done by an ambitious homeowner or local handyman, but many are best completed by a professional home renovation contractor. You should hire a contractor when you’re planning a large project that takes time, specialized tools and machinery or several workers.  Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or adding space onto your home will be most successful with an experienced, licensed, bonded and insured contractor running the project. If your project involves construction, electrical, plumbing and HVAC projects that require inspections, you should get an experienced contractor like FS Renovations that knows the local codes, can pull the necessary permits and deals with the building inspectors.

Hiring an experienced residential home contractor like FS Renovations is a good idea for many remodeling projects. We have a broad range of skills to manage, coordinate and complete your projects. We make sure your project comes in on time and within budget and supervise all the necessary subcontractors, including electricians and plumbers. FS Renovations also handles making sure all the materials required for your job are available and of top notch quality and installed properly.

Some DIY homeowners look to save money by acting as their own contractor, but FS Renovations is worth the cost. We have over 40 years of experience in the remodeling, renovation and construction industry and will guarantee your satisfaction! Give our dedicated team a call today.

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